Alyssa’s Top 5 New Mom Baby Registry Must Haves – Part 2


Hi everyone! I got some good feedback on Part 1 of this post, so I wanted to continue on with some valuable things that have gotten us through month two. Pass this on to your pregger friends, or keep it in mind for when you’re combing through somebody’s baby registry. Some of it isn’t cute but it is necessary!

  1. Rock N’ Play

Magical, this is. Magical! It’s like a baby sized hammock with a soft pillow and it vibrates. You can rock it with your foot, or if you’re industrious and want to shower, you can pull it into the bathroom. Holly naps like gangbusters in this thing, and it’s lightweight enough that you can move it around the house easily. It’s also been our travel item of choice, because once you arrive at your destination, it’s a great mini crib for the kiddo. I’ll definitely be buying this for friends that register for it!

2. Mustela Shampoo

Holly was blessed with my sensitive skin, (note my sarcasm) so we’ve been through many baby washes trying to find out that doesn’t dry out her velvety epidermis. We received a sample of this in our hospital goodie bag, and while it’s pricey ($16 for a big bottle), it’s worth it. It has a strong scent that I personally like, but one Amazon reviewer said it smells like a “grandmother’s perfume”. This shampoo and skin care line is made for babies prone to excezema, with dry skin, or cradle cap. Works great for us!

3. Chicco KeyFit 30

When I was registering, I was panicked about what kind of car seat to get. All of the reviews I read just made my decision more confusing, so I turned to my mommy friend Lindsay, who suggested the Chicco KeyFit 30. This thing is incredibly easy to install and literally clicks in with two loud snaps. It’s secure, snug, and comes in cute prints. It’s also the number one rated car seat in America, and it earned even more points after a friend and I met for a mommy date and she wanted to re-install the base. We were able to figure out via just the diagram on the seat. Easy to assemble and protects your most precious cargo? Boom. Sold.

4) Burt’s Bees Bibs

We have lots and lots of bibs, because we have a baby who spills lots and lots of milk out of her mouth when she takes a bottle. These bibs are easy to put over the baby’s head, made of super snuggly, absorbent cotton, and have a terry backing. I always reach for these when I’m looking for a bib. Hint: I found a pack at TJ Maxx for $7.99, so you can find them reduced in discount stores.

5) Little Remedies Gripe Water

This isn’t cute, but heavens to bitsy is it useful. You know how sometimes you’re just in a bad mood? And you’re a big fat grump? Well, babies get like that too. Gripe water is like a holistic feel better serum, made with ginger and fennel, that soothes colic, crying, and hiccups. Whenever Holly gets the grumpalumpies, we give her a dose of Gripe Water, and usually, whatever ails her is soothed a few minutes later. Miracle stuff!

That’s all have this time around. What am I missing? Share your new baby or parent must haves!

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