Bump Update: 21 Weeks and It’s a….

Hellooooo, 21st week of pregnancy! Today, baby C is the size of a baby bok choy (yummy baby!), and we can now share the gender! We had our 21 week anatomy scan today, and the baby looks perfect and mom even got kudos for maintaining “excellent habits” during pregnancy. Hooray!


If you’re impatient you can scroll down, but first I thought it would be fun to look at old wive’s tales and see if there was any truth to them…

Carrying high or low? High, Girl

Chinese Gender Calendar: Predicted Boy

Heartbeat above 140 bpm: Girl

Cravings: Salty, Boy

Skin: Breaking out, Girl

1st Trimester Morning Sickness? None, so Boy

Mother’s intuition: Girl

So, what is Baby C?


We’re over the moon! I actually had such an unbelievably strong intuition it was a girl that when a friend dropped off some hand-me-downs and a cute little onesie that said “Mama’s little boy”, I said “Oh, too bad we won’t need that ‘cuz she’s a girl…” and sure enough, we found out she was a girl the next week! My sister was sure I was having a girl, Matt suspected it as well, but it was my mom who swore we were having a boy. We shared gender with our parents while we were in NYC for my 30th birthday, and we did the cupcake reveal with pink filling inside. (And YES, we have video of my mom and her reaction… haha. I just have to hunt it down!)

We do have a name picked out, but are choosing to keep that one close to the vest for awhile. So there you have it! The Curran family adds more girl power to the ranks 🙂 YAY!

Thanks as always for reading and for your excitement about our sweet little lady 🙂



  1. I didn’t need your post to tell me. I knew. Intuition as they say.
    She’s gonna grow up strong, and confident surrounded by women and men who will lift her up and shine light and brightness and energy all around her. Congrats momma and daddy!

  2. I was blessed having 2 boys so I never knew what it was like to have a little girl. But, my youngest son had a little girl last August so we are experiencing the joy of a little girl now. They are so much fun……

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