Bun in the Oven Update: Week 17

Happy Friday! Here we are moving right along!


How far along? (Officially 18 weeks today but writing about week 17)
Baby’s Size: A pomegranate. Yummy.
Weight Gain: Plus two! While initially I felt nervous, I realize two pounds after 17 weeks aint no thang… and with it has come what appears to be a tiny bump! (If it still looks like I ate a large burrito, shush and keep that to yourself. I’m excited, okay?!)
Maternity clothes? Yes. This week in particular I haven’t wanted to wear anything restrictive. Elastic bands and sundresses are my friend. When you work from home, getting showered and dressed feels like an accomplishment…. now being a pregnant work from homer, getting showered and dressed feels like you deserve a gold medal.
Best moment this week: While it was super exhausting, our petroglyph tour in the Mojave desert was really incredible. I’ll try to write a post about it next week for you to see! I’m also still so grateful for how generous people have been about our upcoming bundle of joy. One of my cousins is mailing us some hand-me-downs and another cousin is mailing me some maternity clothes. It’s so nice!
Miss anything? Uninterrupted sleep. I had my first night of terrible insomnia in a hotel the night before I needed to be up at 5:30 a.m. for our tour. I finally fell asleep at 3 AM. I couldn’t get comfortable because the bed was hard, and my brain just wouldn’t shut off. It seems like this week my sleep has been dicey, with all the peeing and readjusting. I’m usually a stomach sleeper, so having to learn to sleep on my side is rough. It’s physically uncomfortable now to be on my stomach.
Movement: No, but I think I will soon. I definitely know something is there!
Food cravings: Tonight I pretty much told Matt if I didn’t get a particular kind of salsa from one of our favorite restaurants, there would be anarchy in the streets (Spoiler alert: I got it and it was glorious). That, and an ice cold coca-cola! I finally indulged today after that craving lasted for three days.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Much less than last week, thank goodness. Only two noticeable moments this week – one after a shower (seems to be a theme, with heat), and one while I was doing dishes and a whiff of old chili on a dish struck me.
Gender:  Still know and we’ll know if it’s a correct determination on July 2!
Labor signs: Nope. Let’s keep it that way. (Same.)
Symptoms: Still tired (where’s my second tri energy burst?), constant peeing, restless sleep, and not much else this week. Yay!
Happy or moody most of the time: I felt great this week. After kind of an off week last week, I’m feeling much more myself.
Looking forward to: Seeing our friend Jason graduate nursing school this weekend, binge-watching the rest of Orange is the New Black, and relaxing this weekend.


  1. This grandma to be is getting so excited seeing my daughters belly getting bigger with my future grandbaby. This is the coolest thing ever! Luv my daughter and her little one!!!!!’

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