Corona Virus Neighbor

Hi! Wow, I haven’t written on here in over a year. Sad. Consider this my pledge to start putting words on digital paper here, semi-regularly, when I can. Starting with this quick little poem I wrote. ~xo lyssa

Here we are
Each of us a chasm in the earth
A gap in communication
A distance in socialization
From your six feet across (not under)
You whisper a hello so quietly that it is almost nothing
yet you do not lift your head.

Each day we hurry across the lawn
Our steps quickening as we attempt
to not breathe the air around us
lest we contract the thing that’s gone viral
that we desperately wish hadn’t.

Would it hurt you, I think
To lift your head up in acknowledgement
To bring those eyes towards mine
To see, to soak in, to comprehend
That this moment here is fleeting
That it is human
That it is for today
the only chance we may have at face to face connection.

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