Lalalyssa has an older sister; an older sister that is in fact, at press time, four years older than she is. The DCD, also known as the Double Chin Diary, was Alyssa’s first born blog (actually, that’s not true – she’s been blogging since junior high on such dramatic, self-penned blogs as “Pale Green Stars”, “Blood Roses”, “Ring around the Roses” and “Miss Alyss”).


For more than four years, Alyssa blogged on the Double Chin Diary about her efforts to lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle. While the healthy lifestyle was gained, the weight loss was always fleeting; a constant back and forth of 26 pounds down, 12 pounds gained, so on and so forth. Alyssa accomplished some really cool things thanks to the DCD, like winning grand prize in the California Avocado Commission’s Recipe Contest, traveling to Fitcation, and speaking on a panel at the Lifestyle Blogger’s Conference. Alyssa’s sister April joined the blog in 2013, but by 2014, both April and Alyssa were feeling a little uninspired, feeling stuck in the same pigeonhole. Alyssa reached a point where she said, “Enough!” and realized it was time for a new spark of inspiration to be ignited. So Lalalyssa was born, and is the new corner of the internet in which Alyssa rambles.

The Double Chin Diary will still be maintained (After all, she is my first born) and may occasionally have new weight loss and fitness related posts, so pop by from time to time to see what’s happening.

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