it’s friday, i’m in love…

Love, love, love. It’s easy… all you need is love! Okay, I’ll stop singing the Beatles and tell you what I loved this week!

1) This cat walking on an underwater treadmill, set to a special song. Do you see the look of determination in his eyes? I’m trying to channel his willpower, because I’m back on that whole healthy eating and exercising schtick. It’s worth the click. Make sure your speakers are on.

2) This Menday post from my pal AJ about the awesome Dover police officer getting his jam on to T-Swift. The hand motions slay me.

3) I loooove social media! (Ya think?) I got the chance to write a post for my company’s blog about why certain companies, brands, or products shouldn’t be on every social media platform. Check it out here!

4) This snack. I’m eating low-carb, and these Parmesan cheese crisps from Sonoma Creamery are on point. Get ’em at Costco in a two pack for $7.99. You won’t regret it! (Not a sponsorship, just my own discovery!)

5) This article, by the LA Times, that says the senate has ‘overwhemingly decided’ that climate change is real and not a hoax. FFS — about time!

That’s all I got. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and that you get to sleep in a little bit 🙂


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