Oh Baby: Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon for New Parents

I’m not much of a Black Friday shopper, but as a child of the Interwebz, I am indeed a Cyber Monday shopper. Here are some Amazon deals for your munchkins that caught my eye as I was pregaming tonight.

My father in law bought this for Holly and she’s obsessed with it. It’s a steal at this price and perfect for kiddos 5 months and beyond. She’s played with this a solid six months now and is still going strong. The interactive panel pops off which is great to take into a restaurant or for long car trips.

Holly got this for her birthday from her friend Sam because Sam loves it. Well, I can see why. The ears and tail wag and dance, and the front lights up with different colors to the techno rave beats. Parents will be raving as their little one wiggles and grooves to this sweet little pup, now just $14.99, usually $20 when it’s on sale at Target, $29.99 not on sale.

If you’re a parent, you’ll eventually grow tired of A is for Apple, B is for Boy, D is for Duck, etc. B. Toys nails it with their quirky style – for example, on these blocks, Y isn’t for Yellow, it’s for Yak. These blocks are squishy and adorable and also getting lots of mileage on them and have been for several months. Usually they’re $14.99 on Amazon and today they’re just $8.87. Score!

I just ordered this, because less than $30 for a Little Tikes play kitchen is ridiculous. I used to work for Little Tikes and these products last frickin’ forever. Fun fact; they used to be owned by the Rubbermaid company, which is why everything is so durable! This kitchen comes fully assembled and arrives with 32 fun little accessories like plastic cups and plates. It’s meant for 2 years and up, so if your little one will be playing with it and is younger, you just need to keep a closer eye on them as it’s designed for slightly more developed kiddos. Safety first!

This is one of those things I never would have thought we’d need. Sure enough, kids are small spinning wobbles of mayhem, and one conk on the faucet and you’ve got a screamer. I love Boon’s design (we have their “grass” drying rack, too), and this faucet protector looks sleek, protects noggins, and dispenses bubble bath, too.

These things are awesome if you have a baby that likes to throw things. Holly must be practicing her pitching skills because she loooves throwing her pacifiers and sippies and toys, and we’re not always within easy access to a sink to rinse said item off. Enter water wipes! Just water, the wipe, and a tiny bit of food-safe fruit oil for preservation. My mama friend Lindsay turned me onto these and they’re a lifesaver. They’re spendy compared to other wipes but a package of these in the diaper bag is very helpful. Good price on them today, too!

Also, even if you’re not a new parent, don’t forget to check out the Pop Sugar Must Have box! I got my box this week and it’s PACKED with awesome things that retail for over $150 total in value. My favorite is a palette by Stowaway cosmetics that you can see here. Use the link here for $5 off! PopSugar MustHave sends me the box gratis in exchange for social media coverage. 🙂 You’ll love it!

PSSST don’t forget to use ebates when you’re shopping online today! It doesn’t work on Amazon, but it regularly has deals like 10% cash back at Groupon, etc. ebates is one of those things that sounds scammy but is totally legit. I’ve pocketed back $211 since I started using it last year. You can also install their quick and easy browser bar that will pop up whenever you’re on a site that gives you cash back. Sign up now – here’s $10 back to get you started!

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