The Seed Lions

Inspired by Holly playing with dolls and repeating “Sea Lion” as “Seed Lion.”

tumbling and slick
glimmering and sleek
They dive in and out of the breeze
each slippery pinniped a host
for today’s desired flora

a victory garden
or a ragtag bouquet tucked in a child’s palm
or maybe just a patch of weeds
for the annoyed green thumb to ponder

the seed lions do it all
each day romancing the waves of the sky
a sea animal dance between
pollen and wind
light and lust.

see them there frolicking,
nose upward climbing tall?
abruptly they circle down
and down
and down

into the depths of the soil
carrying out their one vital, delicious task

to dig in the dirt
with integrity
planting seeds of tomorrow’s growth.

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